If you want your customers to pay directly by placing your Pay or Mollie ID in your booking system, we charge transaction costs per transaction. Even if more than 1 person registers, you pay transaction costs per transaction. This differs per subscription. We invoice the customer every 1st of the month.

Transaction costs are (only if you use a payment link when customers pay you directly. If you do not place a payment link, we do not charge any transaction costs):
Free plans: 0.20 cents per transaction
Standard subscription: 0.15 cents per transaction
Teams subscription: 0.10 cents per transaction

Business use

Planner.nu can be used for business purposes. You can use both the free and paid version. You can use Planner.nu for whatever business sector you work in where you want/must be booked in.

For every industry. We have set up the system in such a way that it is suitable for any industry.
With the paid variant you can also choose to further expand the booking system in terms of form with fields that are important to you to ask (future) customers.

The teams subscription consists of two subscriptions: a subscription for up to 5 people and a subscription for up to 10 people.
With the Teams subscription, you can also set up internal calendars in addition to external calendars.
- You show external calendars on your website (and therefore show them to your customers). Customers book you in immediately. And here you also show all internal calendars when you want (you choose which internal calendars)
- With internal agenda you keep the agendas internal. Handy for a reception that manages the agendas itself, but also for table arrangements for restaurants, where you use every internal agenda for a table.

How does the internal calendar work?
With Internal calendars, each team member gets his own account and his own sub-page.

You can also use your external calendar to determine which internal calendar(s) are shown on, for example, the general page that all your customers visit, so that customers can see online when the person in question is available. So: with the internal agenda everyone arranges his/her own agenda and if you want you can show your internal agenda via the external agenda.

For example: you own a hair salon.
- Every hairdresser / hairdressers gets his / her own internal agenda. This may be managed by the receptionist or by the hairdressers themselves.
- And on the general site where the external agenda is shown, all hairdressers are listed together (so all internal agendas) from which selection can be made and the customer can see at once who is available at a certain time.

Internal calendars have their own sub-page and their own booking widget, so you always have the choice to distribute your own internal calendar.

The teams subscription is a paid subscription (with 30 days free without commitment) and is set up for teams. So for groups where the manager (or the person who monitors the account) can see how the appointments of the team that are in the Teams subscription are progressing.


If you have a question that you are unable to answer, please contact us. Find our contact form here.

Please let us know and we will see if we can integrate it immediately.

Free or paid subscription

Certainly! We have set up the free subscription in such a way that you can already be booked in. You can then be booked in up to 50 times per month! If you have booked in 50 times that month, the customer will see that they cannot book you in online. But that means you're doing well, congratulations! Then you can opt for a Standard subscription, or you will receive the 50 bookings again the following month.

The difference between the 100% free subscription and the 1-user paid account is in the features that you get with the paid subscription.
With the paid 1-user subscription you can arrange your subpage (which is also included with the free subscription) entirely according to your own wishes: in addition to your own booking system or placing your own booking system for webinars, your own review system, your sub-page in your own house style (in terms of color use), adding a logo and/or header, a contact form and Google Maps. There is also no powered by Planner.nu listed. In addition, you can further expand the booking system with your own fields that are important with regard to certain questions to the customer (with the free subscription you get 1 extra field. With the paid subscription you have 10 extra fields).

No, we don't do that. We use the following: 30 days 100% free trial. This way you can see if it is something for you. After those 30 days, you decide whether to continue. There is no auto-renewal (we also don't ask for payment information).
You decide whether you want to continue your subscription after these 30 days or whether you want to continue with a free subscription.

A sub-page is a page that you receive from us for free on which you can see your booking system. For example, you can place this page in your email under your signature so that everyone can click on the link and book you directly.
This means you don't have to create your own website.

Planner has 3 subscriptions: the 100% free subscription, 1 user paid subscription and the Teams subscription.


You pay the subscription yourself. At Planner.nu it is important that you stay in charge!
We do not do direct debits. Once you have paid, we will send you the paid invoice.
If you do not pay, your account will be converted to the free subscription at some point.

Personal use

For planning birthdays, for visiting or meeting with your family, calls with friends (because of your work that you cannot be disturbed), indicate when you are going to exercise and friends let you know if they are coming, dinners for the holidays, etc. etc.

For example: send a Planner who is coming to your wedding. Send everyone the Planner and they will let you know if they are there so that you can take this into account.
You can also ask what you should pay attention to with regard to food.
You can do the same for your birthday, dinner or for a certain holiday.

And you can also keep track of your notes/To-Do's.

Also see how you can use the system for Business use.

Webinars or events

Within the paid subscription you can also opt for a booking system for webinars. Whatever event you give for which tickets have to be sold, you can use this system. You can also place the system on your own website.
  • Indicate which webinar/course/event you are going to give,
  • When it is given
  • And for what price
  • Then the users can sign up for it

You can immediately indicate whether the users must make a down payment or pay the amount in full. Customers can then immediately indicate how many tickets they want to order. And finally, the customer can pay for the card(s) when necessary.

Why Planner.nu

Certainly! With the free or paid version you have the choice to easily place the booking system on your own site. You can choose to place the booking system entirely on your site, but you can also have a pop-up that scrolls on your own page.

You can use Planner.nu for everything for which you want/need to be booked in. And you can also keep notes / To-Do's.