Terms and conditions

1. Concepts
InnExx.com is a company aiming to provide an online booking system where users can offer and book sessions as webinars.
In these general terms and conditions, "InnExx.com" includes all individuals and employees working for the company.
In these general terms and conditions, "Provider" refers to a natural or legal person who provides and offers a form of service.
In these general terms and conditions, "Planner.nu" refers to the platform of InnExx.com, where Providers can sign up to offer or receive their services and be booked.
In these general terms and conditions, "User" refers to a natural or legal person, or a collaboration of natural and/or legal persons, or an intermediary or representative acting on their behalf, who registers with Planner.nu and subscribes to an account to offer their services.
In these general terms and conditions, "Provider" refers to anyone using Planner.nu, excluding the individuals who have subscribed to the account.

2. Applicability of these conditions
These general terms and conditions apply to all Providers and Users. Deviations from these general terms and conditions are only valid if expressly agreed upon in writing.

3. The agreement
The agreement is established by completing the web form with the necessary information, after which a confirmation email will be sent to the provided email address. Both Providers and Users are required to create an account through the web form.
The agreement is between the Provider and InnExx.com. The User is not a party to the agreement.
InnExx.com is not part of any agreement between the User and other providers and users of the platform.

4. Obligations of InnExx.com
InnExx.com provides Users with an online platform where they can find Providers and book or contact them for specific services.
InnExx.com manages the platform on which the services are offered and strives to ensure that the information on the website is accurate. However, InnExx.com cannot guarantee the content posted by the Provider on the website and is not liable for inaccuracies on the website or the Provider's page.
InnExx.com is the point of contact for Users regarding complaints about the coaching platform.
InnExx.com does not guarantee that the platform will be available at all times.
InnExx.com maintains order on the associated forum at Planner.nu and reserves the right to remove messages that it deems inappropriate or irrelevant.
InnExx.com is not liable for any malfunctions that result in missed appointments or contacts.

5. Subscribing to a subscription and using the account
To subscribe to a subscription, it is necessary to complete the web form.
Switching subscriptions is only possible when choosing a more expensive subscription. Switching to a cheaper subscription is not possible during the subscription period.
The Client subscribes to a subscription to offer their services on the Planner.nu platform.
The Client is obliged to provide correct information when creating their account.
Providers are liable to InnExx.com for all actions carried out through their account, unless the Provider, User, or Client is not responsible due to misuse of their account.
Once the Provider becomes aware of any misuse of their account, they must immediately report it to InnExx.com.
In case of breach of these general terms and conditions or intentional misuse of the Provider's account, InnExx.com is allowed to delete the account and deny access to the use of the online platform.
InnExx.com may also delete accounts in case of other forms of misuse, including but not limited to frequent non-payment of invoices (failure to pay the subscription and/or invoices related to payment integration), providing false information by the Provider, or frequent failure to fulfill obligations towards the User.

6. Intellectual property
The information, images, and materials related to the Provider displayed on InnExx.com's website remain the property of InnExx.com. It is not permitted to copy or distribute the information in any way without permission.

7. Limitation and exclusion of liability
InnExx.com cannot be held liable for the inaccuracy of information provided on the website and the resulting damages, unless such inaccuracy is due to intent or willful recklessness by InnExx.com or any of its employees.
If InnExx.com is held liable, it will only be liable for direct damages actually incurred, paid, or suffered by the User as a result of a demonstrable failure by InnExx.com to fulfill its obligations regarding its services.
InnExx.com cannot be held liable for damages resulting from services offered by the Provider.
InnExx.com cannot be held liable for system failures or any other external causes beyond its control that prevent the availability of the Planner.nu platform.
InnExx.com is not liable for payment between the Provider and User in case of any issues or non-payment by the customer. The Provider sends an invoice to the client and may choose to send a maximum of two payment reminders to the User/Client. The User/Client pays directly to the Provider. Planner.nu is not involved in this process.
Any claims by the User due to InnExx.com's failure must be reported in writing and with motivation to InnExx.com within a reasonable period, once the User becomes aware or could reasonably be aware of the facts on which they base their claims.

8. Termination
The Provider can terminate the agreement prematurely. All purchased subscriptions have a duration of one (1) year unless otherwise agreed.
An early termination does not release the Client from their payment obligations.
Subscriptions are not automatically renewed, and it is the responsibility of the Provider to order a new annual subscription when it expires. A reminder email will be sent for this purpose.

9. Costs and payment
All prices are excluding VAT, unless expressly stated otherwise.
Payment is made through a one-time payment unless otherwise agreed.
A subscription is not established until and unless the payment obligation has been fulfilled.

10. Applicable law and competent court
Dutch law applies to the legal relationship between InnExx.com and its Providers/Clients.
Any disputes arising between InnExx.com and its Providers/Clients will be settled by the competent court of the District of Amsterdam.

11. Action for Providers
Until the end of December 2019, Providers have a chance to win a cake every month.
The Providers eligible for this opportunity will be selected based on the most reservations made through the Planner.nu system, either through the Provider's profile page or the Planner.nu booking system embedded on the Provider's website.
Up to three Providers who have made the most bookings through the Planner.nu booking system will receive a cake.
The choice of cake is non-negotiable, and no monetary substitute will be given.
The promotion lasts until December 2019 and is open to all Providers listed on Planner.nu, including Providers outside the Netherlands.
InnExx.com/Planner.nu will determine whether to extend or end this promotion if necessary.
Planner.nu will contact the coaches who have won a cake.

12. Identity of InnExx.com
InnExx.com is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 62072048. InnExx.com has the following VAT identification number: NL195448571B01. InnExx.com is registered at President Kennedylaan 271 (1079 MG) in Amsterdam.
InnExx.com can be contacted via email at info@onlinecoach.net.